Denise Ross, MA, MFT
Denise Ross, MA, MFT

A Variety of Counseling Services

Individual Adult

  • Seeking short-term help as an Individual is a step in the right direction on the road to feeling better.  If you have feelings of stress, sadness, or frustration in your life, counseling sessions may be beneficial for you at this time. Counseling helps you explore options and learn tools to make the changes you want to make in your life. Move your life in the direction you desire emotionally and realistically.


  • All relationships have challenges at times. That's normal. Counseling can help you understand the core of the problem, and give you the insight and tools you need to improve these interactions.  It will assist you in gaining a sense of personal control , meaning and connection your life with yourself and those you care about: personal or business. 


  • Couples struggling with feeling disconnected, and out of sync with each other, will learn to resolve conflict, communicate easily again, and  a return to the loving, peaceful connection towards each other again. 
  • Learn coping skills, improve communication and restore positive feelings and experience the relationship change for the better. It only takes one person to take the first step towards change. 

Women’s Issues

  • My goal in working with women is to help them find their voice, their truth and their strength to live by their own convictions.  Empowering women to explore their inner world and fill their lives with meaningful connections to self, intuition, joy and strength.

Life Transitions, Premarital, Divorce & Loss

  • Life changes can result in great emotional upheaval, impacting yourself and your family on many levels.  Therapy guides and supports you during these times, minimizing the effects of unexpected and unwanted change.

Depression & Anxiety

  • If you are experiencing irritability, tension, low self-esteem, hopelessness, decreased energy, sadness and sleep disturbances, therapy can help resolve these symptoms.


  • If you are using alcohol or drugs to manage feelings of inadequacy, financial challenges, anger, loneliness and fatigue, this behavior can become self-destructive.  Solution-focused and skills-based techniques can redirect patterns and produce positive changes and results to turn your life around. 


When we first went to see Denise, my wife and I were having an incredibly difficult time.  We'd been together for almost 10 years, but a lot of those years had been challenging.  All of our fighting was beginning to drown out the tenderness and passion that is the glue of any good marriage.  Denise gave us a neutral place where we could air our differences in a non-confrontational manner.  It really helped to have a third-party that could help steer us away from a destructive manner of communication and coach us on being constructive in our dialogue.  It’s brought our marriage back from the brink and put joy back in our lives.  


Thanks Denise! 


~ Sue & Bill



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