Denise Ross, MA, MFT
Denise Ross, MA, MFT

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Create a positive sense of self that will start you on a path to a better life. To do this, you’ll need specific tools for living. I specialize in working with adult individuals and couples to help you understand the effects of thinking, and behavior patterns on your well being and over all happiness personally and professionally.  Relationships, careers and happiness can suffer, however therapy can help you experience more satisfaction, productivity and meaning in all areas of your life and relationships. I employ a number of effective techniques, such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), to eliminate self-destructive behaviors. EMDR looks into past experiences and how they cause us to act the way we do. This is especially beneficial for any kind of trauma and helps resolve the emotional impact on the memory of the event. Together, we can achieve the goals we set in the course of achieving therapeutic healing.


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 San Diego Area :

(Near Downtown) in Southpark 

 I am located near downtown San Diego in South Park at 2991 Kalmia. I can be reached at 760-942-3426.

You may also email me at

I offer a sliding scale fee. I am on limited Insurance panels. Payment is easily made by cash, check, Cash Square, Venmo or Paypal.


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Denise Ross, MA, MFT

Office location in Southpark: Near Downtown

2991 Kalmia Street

San Diego, CA  92104

Phone No.: 760-942-3426



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