Denise Ross, MA, MFT
Denise Ross, MA, MFT

                                                    Options for Counseling:                                                                               TeleCounseling includes video or phone Appointments                                            for California, North Carolina and TN. residents

Relationships, life satisfaction and career sometimes soar with joy, and sometimes suffer. An experienced therapist can help by providing a safe place to find solutions. If your looking for more satisfaction, productivity and meaning in your life and relationships I'm here for you. Counseling techniques are tailored to provide the best possible outcome for you. One method I use is called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). This helps to eliminate self-destructive behaviors patterns and negative thoughts.  EMDR is especially beneficial with reoccurring  unwanted memories or emotions,  trauma incidents and more. EMDR has been shown to help resolve the emotional upset and restore you to a calmer, happier peace of mind, more productivity and better relationships. Together, we can achieve the goals that matter to you. I offer counseling for Adult Individually, and Couples.


Single Man Single Man
Adult Women Adult Women
Couple Couple


California Residents: San Diego, Encinitas, Palm Springs for OFFICE AND TELECOUNSELING Appointments

North Carolina and TN residents: Telecounseling, Video or phone appointments only





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Denise Ross, MA, MFT

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